Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why the Soapbox?

why the soapbox?
well...the creator(s) of this blog have been through years of dating experiences....confessions from many men & woman analyzing the other gender...all the while absorbing so much knowledge (& probably more confusion) that must be shared!

this blog is for many purposes!

to define men? is this possible? to at least do the best we can. discuss the "dating game" or particularly the games that both men & woman play. basically, this honest & candid blog will give you a new perspective & explanation of why people do what they do in the complicated world of singleness! (is singleness that a word)? why are woman so complicated? are MEN complicated? or is dating sometimes so complicated because us complicated woman think men are complicated when they are in fact quite simple? not some of the men I know! there are general categories but there are also one-of-a-kinds. see how I’m making this too complicated? I thought so. your feedback & theories are teach what you know too! we'll learn together or possibly be more jacked up and confused.

Single Girl Soapbox gives us a place to ask the questions you've never had the [balls?] to ask. we will vent & vent again, love, hate, explain, complain, obsess, confess & progress..!

*welcome the girl(s) behind this blog & let's hate, laugh & learn together! *bring on the boys, bring on the dating and
bring on the Single Girl Soapbox!!
*everyone of all ages, gender & relationship status are invited to participate.

Can I get a Woot?

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