Friday, September 4, 2009


what is the dating game anyway? and what does GAME even mean? There are so many ways to word it.

  • did you see the game last night?
  • it's family night, let's play a game!
  • last huntin' season there was a lot of game
  • watch this bro; i got game.  
  • too late in the game
  • Are you game for a swim?                                                                                                                              a few definitions. which ones do you think apply to what is referred to as the "dating game?"
  • *Wild animals, including birds & fishes, such as are hunted for food or taken for sport or profit.   
  • *An organized athletic program or contest          
  •  *A period of competition or challenging activity or sport in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules
  • *A trick or strategy 
  • *An activity involving skill, chance, or endurance on the part of two or more persons who play according to a set of rules, usually for their own amusement or for that of spectators.

Monday, August 31, 2009

TesT TeAsE & TeRmiNaTe!

so...i wrote a post about the purpose of this blog before it's been written. truth is people, this blog will create it's own path based on my current & future experiences; not necessarily what i've been through in the past. i mean, why? the past is over, right?! let's live in the moment and plan for the future! (the future being plans for this weekend)?

OKAY, i meet a lot of guys. probably cause i put myself out there. but other times, i try to hold back & let the man be the pursuer. after all, men DO like a challenge. it's a toughy for me. but i've attempted several different "menthods" to see what works. then i try them again in new situations with new people. kinda fun actually. this is where i get my theories & strange scenarios.

1st Date Kiss - yay or nay? i meet men who don't want to take me out again because i denied their kiss on the first date. i've also met men who have rejected me because i DID return their kiss on the first date. yeah. the men who set a trap to sabotage any potential future. for what reason?
we woman do it too. how come?
it's what i call the Trick T's. (it's no accident that "T's" sounds like "tease")

1). TEST - we kind of feel the water. evaluate him to see where it's head is at. (pun intended) determine our level of interest. use sensual body language. wear tight, sexy clothes to see if he looks. flirt to test if he'll flirt back.

2). TEASE - invite them in. suggest "watching a movie." (that SCREAMS "let's make out!") then, give them opportunities to make the move. and when he does you reciprocate it. we then turn him on even more. whether it be through intimate conversation, or slowly dragging your fingers across the top of his pants line...we tease him to the point he can hardly stand it! basically, we give him the go ahead signal! then...
3). TERMINATE! "OMG...we were only kissing, then he totally tried to fool around with me!" whether it was going for the boobs or heading down the pathway to paradise, he ACTUALLY tried to go to [enter 2nd, 3rd or home base here]. How DARE he?!"

Ladies, seriously?! He fell for OUR trap and what do we do? Terminate the relationship because "he OBVIOUSLY doesn't respect me" or "all he wants is a piece!" the poor guy has got a muscle that when in play washes out any rationale and most self control! we set him up, then use it against him. it's so sneaky...(and it totally works)! and am I wrong that we HATE it when guys do it back? yeah, pretty much we’re all jacked up! this just ONE of the many things i can go on and on about!

shall we take a deeper look on why we do this? while the Trick T's i just explained look a little different for everyone, here is my confession:

when evaluating why i trap men in my Trick T's, usually it's because i don't see a potential relationship there anyway so it's an easy way out. "hey, last night was fun and all but...i'm sorry. things went a little too fast and i think we're looking for different things..."

* * * * * * * * TerminaTion successful * * * * * * * *

OR, deep down i'm hoping he removes my fingers tracing his waistline and holds my hand. cause he respects me and kissing is enough. when he falls for the trap i set however, i lose respect for HIM because he showed he doesn't respect me. *shakes head in confusion* is there a possibility that had i never "T-eased" him the respect would have been there for the next date?
Your ThoughTs & Theories?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why the Soapbox?

why the soapbox?
well...the creator(s) of this blog have been through years of dating experiences....confessions from many men & woman analyzing the other gender...all the while absorbing so much knowledge (& probably more confusion) that must be shared!

this blog is for many purposes!

to define men? is this possible? to at least do the best we can. discuss the "dating game" or particularly the games that both men & woman play. basically, this honest & candid blog will give you a new perspective & explanation of why people do what they do in the complicated world of singleness! (is singleness that a word)? why are woman so complicated? are MEN complicated? or is dating sometimes so complicated because us complicated woman think men are complicated when they are in fact quite simple? not some of the men I know! there are general categories but there are also one-of-a-kinds. see how I’m making this too complicated? I thought so. your feedback & theories are teach what you know too! we'll learn together or possibly be more jacked up and confused.

Single Girl Soapbox gives us a place to ask the questions you've never had the [balls?] to ask. we will vent & vent again, love, hate, explain, complain, obsess, confess & progress..!

*welcome the girl(s) behind this blog & let's hate, laugh & learn together! *bring on the boys, bring on the dating and
bring on the Single Girl Soapbox!!
*everyone of all ages, gender & relationship status are invited to participate.

Can I get a Woot?